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Important basic concepts in Production technology and Foundary (GATE-2015) Part-2

The present post (Part-2) contains the important basic concepts in Production technology in Mechanical Engineering. Note down each concepts which might help in GATE 2015 Mechanical.
    An important factor to be considered while designing a core print is moulding  sand characteristics.

  • Weld spatter refers to welding defect.
  • If ‘t’ is the thickness of sheet to be spot welded, then electrode tip diameter is equal to √t.
  • A  sprue is a tool used in mould repairing.
  • Gate is a vent hole to allow for the hot gases to escape.
  • Core prints provided to from seat to support and hold the core.
  • The equipment that is used in pit for supply of air is known as centrifugal blower.
  • Draft allowance on castings is generally 1-2 mm/M.
  • Tumbling is done so as to clean the surface of small parts.
  • The purpose of inoculation is to modify the structure and properties of a cast metal.
  • The draft allowance on metallic pattern as compared to wooden ones is less.
  • Angle iron is not a angle measuring device.
  • The mould for casting ferrous materials in continuous casting process is made of copper.
  • If V is the volume of metal in a casting and A its surface areas, then time of solidification will be proportional to V2, 1/A2.

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