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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Important topics in GATE 2019 : Mechanical Engineering Part-1

 The following topics are important from the exam point of view. The word given in bracket suggests the subject of that topic.

  1. Carburization (Metallurgy)
  2. Shear force in riveted joint (Machine Design)
  3. Current requirement in spot welding (Joining method)
  4. Sheet metal working (Joining method)
  5. Low carbon steel (Metallurgy)
  6. Rake angle’s effect (Theory of metal cutting)
  7. Mean friction angle (Theory of metal cutting)
  8. Tool geometry, Tool signature (Theory of metal cutting)
  9. Single cutting point tool (Theory of metal cutting)
  10. ECM electrodes (Modern machining methods)
  11. Point to point cutting NC system (CAD/CAM)
  12. Boiler rating (Power plant application)
  13. Steam and vapor cycle, Rankine cycle (Power plant application)
  14. Brake thermal efficiency (Thermodynamics)
  15. Diffuser, super and subsonic diffuser geometry (Turbomachinery)
 Important topics in GATE: Mechanical Engineering Part-3

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