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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Important topics in Mechanical Engineering asked during GATE-1998

The present article provides important topics that have been already asked in previous GATE 1998 examinations and these topics should be given preference to get more score in GATE 2013. Follow the article and note down topic and be ready for it.
  • Infinite series
  • Gradient of function
  • Probability of two friend share a same birthday
  • Linear motion (velocity and accelerator)
  • Maximum principal stress
  • Buckling load for column
  • Average and maximum shear stress for square cross-section
  • Reaction stage, Ratue stage, Curtis stage
  • Grain size, polycrystalline
  • Fits and tolerance
  • Chills for castings
  • Principal strain
  • Isentropic heat drop in nozzle
  • Discharge velocity at the pipe exit
  • Tool Signature
  • Mean speed of flywheel
  • Rankine cycle
  • LMTD
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