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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Important basic concepts in Machine Design for GATE 2019 Part-2

The present post (Part-2) contains the important basic concepts in Machine design and related machine drafting technology in Mechanical Engineering. Note down each concept which might help in GATE 2019 Mechanical.

  • For butt welding of two plates each of which is 25 mm thick, the best process would be electro-slag welding.
  • The compression members tend to buckle in the direction of least radius of gyration
  • The diameter of a washer is generally slightly more than the diameter of the bolt.
  • A reinforced concrete beam is considered to be made up of heterogeneous material.
  • According to Euler’s theory, the critical length of a column is given by Pc = π 2EI/L2 .
  • Rankine formula is valid up to slenderness ratio of 120.
  • Slenderness ratio of a column is the length of strut/least radius of gyration.
  • In hydrodynamics bearing the oil film pressure is generated only by the rotation of the journal.
  • If P = bearing pressure on the projected bearing area, z = absolve viscosity of lubricant, and N = speed of journal, then the characteristic number is given by ZN/p.
  • The rated life of bearing changes inversely as the cube of the load.
  • The oiliness bearing does not need an external supply of lubricant.  
  • In cross or regular lay ropes, the direction of twist of in stands is opposite to the direction of twist of stands.
  • Gears for wrist watches are generally manufactured by helix angle.
  • The type of cam used for low and moderate speed engines is generally harmonic
  • The form coefficient of a spring is the capability to store energy.
  • Coriolis component of acceleration is found in wit worth-quick return motion
  • Cold working on material increase the fatigue strength.
  • A Babbitt is antimony bearing lead or tin alloy
  • Addendum of a cycloidal gear tooth is epicycloids
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