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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Important basic concepts in Production technology and Foundary (GATE-2019) Part-1

The present post (Part-1) contains the important basic concepts in Production technology in Mechanical Engineering. Note down each concept which might help in GATE 2019 Mechanical.

  • Projection welding is multi-spot welding process.
  • In resistance welding, the pressure is released after the weld cools.
  • Grey cast iron is best welded by oxy-acetylene.
  • The edge preparation for welding Is not needed up to 4 mm thickness of the plate.
  • The relation for cutting tool life is given by VTn = C where V is cutting speed, T is corresponding life n and C is constant depending on cutting conditions. The numerical value of n for roughing cut as compared to that for light cuts in mild steel does not on the type of cut.
  • A plug gauge is used to measure cylindrical bores.
  • Aluminum has a higher cutting speed than cast iron & tool steel.
  • A magnetic chuck is generally used when a large number of components are turned and parted off from a bar.
  • Gear tooth vernier is used for measuring gear tooth profile.
  • Undercutting is cutting from the base of a work-piece.
  • Laser welding is widely used in electronic industry.
  • Unlike materials or materials of different thickness can be butt welded by control of pressure and current.
  • In are welding operations the current value is decided by the size of the electrode.
  • The phenomenon of weld decay takes place in stainless steel.
  • Arc below takes place in welding stainless steel.
  • A swab is used in the foundry for repairing the mold. 
  • Gagger is used in the foundry for cleaning of castings.
  • Bellows are used in a foundry for smoothening and cleaning out the depression in the mould.
  • The permeability of a foundry sand is the capacity to hold moisture.
  • What for are the metal pattern used in large-scale production of castings.

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