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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Question paper pattern for GATE 2018 Mechanical Engineering

GATE 2018 will have the following pattern of Question Paper for Mechanical Engineering section. This pattern is also applicable to all other engineering branches.

Maximum marks: Question paper is of 100 marks (maximum)

Distribution of marks:
15% - Engineering Mathematics
15% - General Aptitude
70% - Subject

Types of questions to be asked:

1. Multiple Choice Questions: Carrying 1-2 marks per question
2. Numerical Answer type Questions: One has to enter the answer by virtual keypad, as the exam will be conducted online mode only, No choices will be given for this section.

All questions can be of following nature or type/design to judge the student's aptitude in engineering.

1. Recall: Based on certain laws, formulae, principles etc.
2. Comprehension: Checks the basics of engineering
3. Applications: Checks application point of view
4. Analysis and Synthesis: Excepts to analyze and synthesize the data, diagram or images given

 Marking Scheme:

1/3 negative marking for each wrong answer of 1 mark question
2/3 negative marking for each wrong answer of 2 marks question
No negative marking for numerical answer type question

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