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Thursday, 12 June 2014

GATE 2015 exam preparation tips

Are you looking for how to prepare for GATE examination? You must apply the common experience of your seniors, teachers and parents to get idea about what should and what should not prepare for GATE.
Normally students believe that if they attempt all the questions, they might get maximum score but they should kept in mind that GATE exam keep negative marking for each wrong answer and deducts about 25% of the total marks allotted to that question to which you gave wrong answer. Follow the GATE tips and get good score.

  • Before starting anything about GATE, First understand what is GATE? Know its importance, date, eligibility and recent changes. 
  • First start your preparation right from the day you want to prepare for it. Beginning is half success. If you wait for some good day to start, that good day will never come and ultimately you will loose/waste your time unnecessarily. 
  •  Collect GATE 2015 Syllabus copy and find the subjects asked during examination
  •  Divide the subjects based on past questions and mark importance of each subjects.
  •  Normally GATE paper consist of that questions that are related to specialization in M. Tech and M.E.
  •  When you start your preparation, just concentrate on concept not on theory derivation. 
  •  Have previous year questions papers handy to know which type of questions can be asked in the exam
  •  Concentrate on the topics that you skipped or you do not know in syllabus during your graduation. This is the right time to prepare for it. Normally exam will contain those questions that you do not know!!!
  •  Do not re-read the topics that you already know. this will waste your time.
  •  Make a separate note of equations with 2 marks and grasp it along with its concepts.
  • Take participation in mock test for GATE examination which can be available online. 
  • Do not waste time in unnecessary activities like gossips, TV, internet surfing. Because the time you are wasting will never come back and you need to wait for another one year for the same examination.  So, understand well this saying, "Time and Tide wait for none"
If you are interested to download Free Gate Study material, you can download it from this link (GATE 2015 free study material).