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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Important topics in GATE 2019 : Mechanical Engineering Part-2

  1. Specific speeds of pumps and turbines (Fluid machines)
  2. Unit speeds of pumps and turbines (Fluid machines)
  3. Thermal efficiency (Thermodynamics, Power Plant)
  4. Heat transfer from fin, insulated tips (Heat transfer)
  5. COP of refrigeration and heat pump (Refrigeration)
  6. Deformation (Strength of Materials)
  7. Instantaneous center (Theory of machines)
  8. Spherical roller bearing ( Machine Design)
  9. Fatigue strength ( Machine Design)
  10. Iron-carbon diagram (Metallurgy)
  11. Casting types and design of castings (Manufacturing)
  12. Type of non-conventional processes (Manufacturing)
  13. Pitot tubes, Mcloyed gauge, planimeter, LVDT (Measurement systems)
  14. Unit speed of turbines(Fluid machines)
  15. Bernoulli's equation (Fluid mechanics)
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