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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Important topics in Mechanical Engineering asked during GATE-1993

  • Shaft, hole and interference
  • Radius of Mohr’s circle
  • Shaft design
  • Soderberg’s equation
Machine Tools
  • Ultrasonic machining method    
  • Feed rate, milling table speed
  • DC Welding, straight and reverse polarity
  • Centrifugal casting          
Power Plant
  • Equilibrium evaporation of boiler, enthalpy of evaporation
  • NC Machine post processor
Turbo machinery/Thermal Engineering
  • Gas turbine cycle-reheating process
  • Cavitations’ in turbine
Fluid Mechanics              
  • Specific speed variations for Kaplan Turbine
Heat and mass transfer
  • Radiative heat transfer, Stephan Boltzmann constant
  • Critical Thickness of insulation
  • Refrigerating capacity   
  • R-22 Refrigerant
Theory of Machines
  • No of degree of freedom
Industrial Engineering
  • Normal performance and standard time
Strength of material
  • Strain energy due to bending

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