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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Important topics in Mechanical Engineering asked during GATE-1992

  1. Carburization
  2. Iron Carbon diagram      
  3. True strain, Low carbon steel, forging    
  1. Shear forces in riveted joint
  2. Tolerances
  3. Spherical Roller Bearing                
  4. Fatigue strength              
Machine Tools
  1. Effect of rake angle and mean friction angle       
  2. Material Removal Rate (MRR) in ultrasonic machining method   
  3. Electrodes used in Electro Chemical Machining (ECM)
  4. Horizontal machining process
  5. Types of non-conventional machining processes
  1. Current requirement in spot welding
  2. Sheet metal working
  3. Explosive welding
  1. Uniform ramming and green sand moulding
  2. Types of casting                               
Power Plant
  1. Boiler rating
  1. Steam and vapor cycle
  2. Brake thermal efficiency
  1. NC System, Point to Point machining     
Turbo machinery            
  1. Diffuser, super and sub sonic diffuser geometry              
  2. Thermal efficiency of Jet engines
Fluid Mechanics              
  1. Specific speed of rotary pump  
  2. Flow over flat plate        
Heat and mass transfer
  1. Heat transfer from insulated tip from pin fin
  1. Coefficient of Performance (COP)           
Theory of Machines
  1. Instantaneous centre of rotation
  1. Damping transmissibility                              
Mechanical Measurement
  1. Pitot tube, Mclead  Gauge, Planimeter, LVDT     
Production, Planning and Control
  1. X chart, C chart P chart

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