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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dos and Donts in GATE 2019 Examination

  • You need to prepare selected topics of the syllabus of particular specialization you are supposed to give examination whether it is mechanical, electrical or any other specialization. Refer to the old question papers and note down the important topics asked. Never try to read and remember complete syllabus because it will require more time and sometimes this waste unnecessary time and chances are that some of the important subjects and topics might be lost. Reading will only make you aware of unknown things. What you need is just comparison between your curriculum of college and syllabus of GATE or as per pattern of GATE in the year you are going to appear for GATE. Concentrate more on the common topics. Try to learn basics. 
  • Have a habit of noting or jot down important formulas that can be very important from exam as well as basic concept point of view. Now how to decide particular formula is important or not? Just look for the Master of Technology syllabus of IITs and IISc. You will notice that in order to learn those subjects, they require certain basic concepts before you start your research. So, based on the specialization of masters, you can judge the topic's importance. Just prepare a notebook for each subject and you will be able to revise the complete readings in few hours by use of the notebook. Do not read the stuff but understand it.
  • Read-only things that you do not know. Skip those topics you already know. This will save your time of preparation of that subject. 
  • Discuss the topics with your seniors, teacher or in a group of a friend so, that if you are wrong in concept-wise for that topic, some of them will correct you. Have a discussion of everything that you read. The discussion will lead to the discovery of understanding. Concepts will be cleared once you start discussing. More minds work better than a single mind. Follow the tips related to GATE
  • Read carefully all the instructions given in GATE paper. Some of the instructions will be much importance than you think of it. i.e. Negative marking system. If it is negative marking, you will lose 25% marks for each wrong answer. Always be aware of new instructions on the question paper. It is your responsibility to read and act as per the instructions.
  • Try to attempt those questions, for those you are almost 110% sure, not 90%. A wrong answer may decrease your overall performance in terms of GATE score. GATE asks those question which make you unclear about two or more similar answers to same questions  If you are not clear in basics, you will not get the right answer from the choices.
  • Attempt first all the questions that are very easy and when you are sure of its correctness. Leave some calculating questions and come back to those once you finish the easy questions. Always double sure about everything you attempt.
  • Use common sense for each question. They are looking for common sense/basics only!! 

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  1. informative article, i am preparing for GATE mechanical exam and was looking for some related information of which PSU I can apply for. A question: is online GATE exam courses like - beneficial?

    1. hai rizzi now am attending 2013 gate how can i attend

  2. It totally depend on your choice. If you are confident enough with your preparation, there is no need to go for coaching or classes. Though coaching helps you lot but you need to balance each.