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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

GATE 2019: GATE Study material for Fluid Mechanics subject

This post is all about important study materials/notes which will be helpful while preparing for the GATE 2015, Mechanical Engineering. These also help to other branches which use Fluid mechanics as one of the subjects in GATE 2019 syllabus like Civil, Aeronautical etc. Also, read the GATE preparation tips.

This post contains scan copies of all the important basic concepts in fluid mechanics which will be helpful for the fast and one-day preparation of GATE. Click on the link to get the material downloaded. 

This material contains very precise but important notes, equations, and definitions related to Fluid Mechanics. 
All these files are as per page number of the complete material. This study material is prepared by me while I used to prepare for the GATE in the year 2006-2007. These study material includes following topics page wise. 
  1. Basic properties of Fluid
  2. Variation of Viscosity with respect to temperature
  3. Classification of Fluid
  4. Surface tension and different cases
  5. Capillary effects in fluids
  6. Pascal's law and classification of pressure
  7. Pressure Measurement devices
  8. Hydrostatic forces on fluids
  9. Hydrostatic paradox
  10. Time period of oscillation of floating body
  11. Buoyancy and meta-centric height
  12. Metacentre
  13. Stability of floating body
  14. Kinematics of Flow - Introduction
  15. Fluid flow classification
  16. Continuity equation in cylindrical coordinates
  17. Fluid velocity and acceleration
  18. Introduction to velocity potential function and stream function
  19. Definition of Steam lines, streaklines and path lines
  20. Relationship between velocity potential function and stream function
  21. Bernoulli's principle and Dynamics of fluid flow
  22. Bernoulli's equation for real fluid
  23. Force exerted by flow on pipe bend
  24. Orifice and mouthpiece
  25. Velocity of approach
  26. Viscous and laminar flow
  27. Flow through pipes and plates
  28. Introduction to turbulent flow
  29. Chezy and Darcy's formula for fluid flow
  30. Flow through parallel and series pipes
  31. Power transmission through pipes.

Download the complete Fluid Mechanics Study Material

Also download the study material 

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