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Friday, 1 June 2012

Basic Concepts in Mechanical Engineering Subjects for GATE 2019


  1. Hi Sir,Thanks for such a wonderful blog.My question is that being an IITian, I am good in theory but coming to the gate question paper they are more related to formula type questions rather than theoretical questions,then what sort of preparation is going to help me to get a good rank in GATE 2013?I mean memorizing formulas type preparation or theoretical preparation?

    1. Normally, GATE is just to make sure whether a candidate will be able to research or not. Doing Research means it is already accepted that you know the required basic concepts. Concepts should be of two type, analytically as well as theoretical. You need to have balance between them. GATE paper balance both the things. So, being a good in theoretical aspects is nice and it is 50% work done but you also need to start preparing for formula type preparation. 1 or 2 marks are normally allotted to this.

      Start with those subjects which are having higher weightage compared to others. Such as Mechanics of solids, Theory of machines, machine design etc. You will know about all these once you go through the old questions papers in GATE.
      and also start preparing for GATE as per GATE Tips.

  2. can you please upload more study materials on other topics?

  3. Hello final 20 days left for GATE 2013. Almost all my topics are done, except Strength of Material, Thermodynamics, Theory of Machines.

    Can you suggest topics that I can cover in above three subjects, so I can have least chance of losing marks because of leaving this subjects.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    1. You can find the complete material

      1. Strength of material
      2. Thermodynamics
      3. Theory of machines

      Find the material complete material here