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Monday, 3 December 2012

GATE 2019: GATE Study material for Strength of Materials

This article is of study material of mechanical engineering subject, 'Strength of materials'. This subject is one of the most important subjects of mechanical/civil engineering due to basics of engineering is associated with it.

Here I am sharing my study material/notes during GATE preparation in 2006 when I was in final year. Click on the link and you will be redirected to where you can download each page of my notes. Serial numbers are same as the page number of the material notes.

Also, read the GATE preparation tips.
  1. Introduction to stress and strain
  2. Classification of stresses
  3. Elastic limit and Hooke's law
  4. Principle of superposition
  5. Analysis of circular tapered rod
  6. Composite section and thermal stresses
  7. Thermal stresses in composite bars
  8. Elongation of bar due to self-weight
  9. Elastic constant - Poisson's ratio
  10. Volumetric strain
  11. Principle of complementary shear stresses
  12. Maximum normal stresses
  13. Principal stress and strains
  14. Principal planes
  15. Member subjected to simple shear stresses
  16. Major principal stresses and minor principal stresses
  17. Graphical method for principal stress and strain
  18. Mohr's circle
  19. Mohr's circle - Graphical method
  20. Shear force and Bending moment diagram (SF and BM diagram)
  21. Important concepts in shear force and bending moment diagram
  22. SF and BM diagram for UVL (Uniformly Varying Load)
  23. SF and BM diagram for simply supported beam with point load
  24. Simply supported beam with overhanging portion
  25. Inclined loading on beams
  26. Relationship between shear stress and bending moment
  27. Bending stress in beams 
  28. Section Modulus
  29. Different types of loadings

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