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Friday, 11 January 2013

GATE 2019: GATE Study material for Engineering Mechanics

This article is on study material of mechanical engineering subject, Engineering Mechanics'. This subject is one of the most important subject of mechanical/civil engineering due to basics of engineering is associated with it.

Here I am sharing my study material/notes during GATE preparation in 2006, when I was in final year. Click on the link and you will be redirected to where you can download the each page of my notes. Serial numbers are same as page number of the material notes.

EM-1 Law of parallelogram of forces
EM-2 LAMI'S Theorem
EM-3 Newtons laws and orbital velocity of satellite
EM-4 Laws of orbit
EM-5 Varignon's principle and principle of moments
Em-6 Free body diagrams
EM-7 Support reactions and types of loadings
EM-8 Equilibrium conditions
EM-9 Analysis of perfect frames
EM-10 Method of section and method of joints
EM-11 conditions for solution of truss problems
Em-12 Introduction to frictions
EM-13 Law of solid friction
EM-14 Friction on body resting on inclined plane
EM-15 Analysis of ladder friction
EM-16 principles of simple lifting machines
EM-17 Irreversibility of a machine
Em-18 Simple wheel and axle
EM-19 Velocity ratio for worm and worm wheel
EM-20 Systems of pulleys
EM-21 Weston's differential pulley block
EM-22 Principle of virtual work
EM-23 Use of principle of virtual work
EM-24 Linear motion
EM-25 Distance traveled in nth seconds
EM-26 Equation of motion along circular path
EM-27 Instantaneous centre
EM-28 introduction to projectiles
EM-29 Time taken  to reach at highest point
EM-30 Projectile on an inclined plane
Em-31 Laws of motion
EM-32 Analysis of lift motion during up and down motion
EM-33 Analysis of motion when two bodies are connected by string over pulley
EM-34 Analysis of motion when body resting on inclined plane
EM-35 Moment of inertia of circular section
EM-36 Laws of rotary motion
EM-37 Rotation due to weight attached one end
EM-38 Rotation due to weight attached two ends
EM-39 Collision of elastic bodies
EM-40 Coefficient of restitution
EM-41 Impact of body on a fixed plane
EM-42 Work, power and energy
EM-43 bullet and its motion
EM-44 Law of conservation of bodies
EM-45 Total kinetic energy of system

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