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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Important basic concepts in Fluid Mechanics and machines (Mechanical Engineering) for GATE 2019 Part-3

This article gives important basic concepts in Fluid mechanics and fluid machines used in mechanical systems. This subject is very much important for GATE 2018 exam because future M. Tech or M. E specialization are based on the basics of this subject.

  • The hydraulic jump is used to reduce the energy flow.
  • The lowest portion of storage basin from where the water is not drawn is dead storage.
  • The pitot tube is a device used for measurement of velocity.
  • The hydrometer is used to find out specific gravity of liquids.
  • Mach number is signification is a case of supersonics, as with projectiles and jet propulsion.
  • The fluid forces taken it into consideration in the Navier Stokes equation are gravity, pressure, and viscosity.
  • Rocks having excessive internal stresses, producing spalling, are called stratified rocks.
  • The permissible velocity of water flowing through the concrete tunnel is generally 4-5 m/s.
  • The maximum continuous power available from a hydro-electric plant under the most adverse hydraulic conditions is called firm power.
  • The ratio of maximum load to the rated plant capacity is called utilization factor.
  • Orifice refers to n opening in hydraulic structure with the regulatory provision.
  • The value of the coefficient of discharge in comparison to the coefficient of velocity is found to be less.
  • Weir refers to an opening having partially full flow.
  • The pressure force, in Newtons, on the 15 cm dia head light of an automobile traveling at 25 m/s will be 6.8.
  • Power transmitted through a pipe is maximum when the loss of head due to friction is one-third of the total head supplied.  

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